3D IN SCALE designs highly detailed, 1:35th scale,
conversion sets for military modeling. They are made
available for sale thru Shapeways. This 3D printing
company is responsible for production, shipping and
service. Ordering on this website will redirect you to the
Shapeway site.
    We are sorry to inform you that we are not able to
include a instruction sheet in your order. Download
buttons can be found thru-out this website. Find the
desired product and click the 'instruction sheet' button.
We can guarantee our designs are highly accurate. Due to the nature of ordering and method of production we have no control over the actual print quality. This is caused by the way 3D printing works. It is also Shapeways responsibility, as the producer, to deliver a constant quality. If you are not satisfied with the delivered product, please contact Shapeways on service@shapeways.com.
Shapeways introduced a material some time ago (Frosted Extreme Detail (FXD)). It prints in a smaller layer thickness and therefore gives a smoother surface.
Some of our products can be ordered in this material but not all. This is because the material has a smaller printing surface of only 5x5 cm and some designs will not fit within these boundaries.
Please know that price of this material is higher (+80%) and ordering designs in this material will be more expensive. The price difference is mostly due to the increase in printing time.
Working with 3D printed (resin) material:
   The 3D material used is brittle and may break when
handled incorrectly. Take care in removing parts from the
frame. Some parts have been hollowed out to reduce
printing costs. Holes are placed out of site and can be
filled with modeling putty or plastic sheet.
3D printing of parts and conversion sets is done with a
wax-like support material. Due to this production method
a wax residue can remain on the parts. Cleaning them is
not difficult but necessary: Remove parts from the frame
and clean them thoroughly using a soft brush and water
and dishwashing fluid. It is also possible to use a
ultrasonic cleaner with water. Redo cleaning process
until water remains clear. A heavier cleaning can be
done with white spirit or alcohol.
Use enamel based paint or something like thinned down
Mr-surfacer (1000) for the first paint layer. This seals any
3D printing residue that might be left from the printing
process. When left unpainted the 3D material may start to
‘sweat’ and cleaning must be redone.
Working with 3D printed material is simular to working
with cast resin. Heated parts can be straightened  (not
over 80 oF) and parts can be glued with superglue.
NOTE:  discoloration may occur over time to uncleaned and/or unpainted parts. This will NOT influence the material quality. Please clean thoroughly or redo cleaning.