This highly detailed conversion set turns Dragon US M2 & M3 Halftrack kits into an accurate Commonwealth M14. You can either choose for a M14 Gun Tractor for the 17pdr gun/Personnel Carrier or a M14 Ambulance.

The M14 was build to meet the demand of Anti Aircraft halftracks. For this purpose it was equiped with a twin .50 caliber Maxon turret. It was build on the IHC M5 with basically the same interior layout as the M16/M17 AA halftracks. All vehicles were delivered to the commonwealth armies who turned all of them into gun tractors/personnel carriers or (later) into ambulances.
Later most of them found their way to the IDF, were they were used for a long time.
There are two stretchers included in the Ambulance kit. One 'open' and one 'rolled up'. The stretchers are also available seperately in three different sets: